Traditional Soaps

The method that we use to make our soap is a time-honored production, the traditional cold-process method. This method allows us to produce 16 bars at one singular time and we leave the bars for 8 weeks to allow them to cure to perfection. After the 8 weeks the bars are then cut into slices, however even after the bars have been cut into slices the process is still not complete.

Once we’ve cut all the bars into slices they are left for another 4-6 weeks. This allows us to monitor any changes and pH levels in the soap; this ensures that every slice is fully cured to perfection and hard before we move into the next stage in the production. The next stage in the production line is of course the wrapping of each bar. As you would expect from a family run business each slice of soap is wrapped lovingly by hand and then they are ready for sale.

Within the ‘Traditional’ range we currently have three different types available. These traditional soaps can be used to keep your skin soft all year around because of the natural ingredients and its all oil-based. This also means that your not limited to using it just as a hand and body was. Majority of our customers also use it as a shampoo bar because of the wonders that they do! 🙂 

The first is our ‘Plain Jane’ also known as Bastille soap, is best for our customers who have dry and sensitive skin. But fret not it isn’t limited to just those skin problems. For people who love to keep their skin supple and soft the soaps are available to you too! It is a non-fragranced because some of the essential oils that we use can irritate some customers’ skin (see allergy information for more details). For those customers who tend to have sensitive skin have a sensitivity to fragrances too.

The second is our ‘Nettle’ we’ve created the nettle soap to help consumers that suffer from psoriasis, eczema, athletes’ foot and any other form of redness and itchy skin. With the same base ingredients as Plain Jane but with the added benefits of the nettle leaves and nettle juices. It is the leaves and the juices that help to soothe the skin and stop the itchiness.

Then the final bar is ‘Seaweed & Tea Tree’ we’ve created the seaweed and tea tree to help consumers who suffer from acne-prone skin or redness. We all know that tea-tree is an antiseptic which helps to clear out bacterial and get rid of any redness. Despite the off-putting odour of seaweed it also helps to get rids of spots by penetrating the oil-layer of your skin and the salt in the seaweed kills the bacteria. It also helps if you prefer to use a scrub instead of a plain bar.